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OCOB – OPITZ CONSULTING Oracle Base – in English

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I’m glad to inform that OCOB – OPITZ CONSULTING Oracle Base is now available!

[Edit: June 24th 2011]
Unfortunately OPTIZ CONSULTING Schweiz GmbH had to declare bankruptcy a few months ago. The German Holding and it’s GmbHs still exist. But before you consider to take OCOB as your new standard tool for database administration, you should ask OPITZ whether they are able and want to keep up with support and improvement of OCOB.

Trivadis has a good and similar product which is available through http://www.trivadis.com/en/produkte/datenbank-tools/tvd-basenvtm.html

Unfortunately I’m not aware of existing open source projects in this area. If you know a good one please tell me about it, I’ll then post a link in this post.

OCOB is a management framework for Oracle server products. It’s mainly used for easy handling of Oracle Databases. It can easily show the current status of your database, listener, asm or application server.

oracle@ltdar2:/u00/app/oracle/product/11.1.0/dbs/ [DAR112] up
Status of Oracle Products on ltdar2.opitz-consulting.int

DB-Inst.  DB2            : down    (/u00/app/oracle/product/10.2.0)
DB-Inst.  DAR102B        : down    (/u00/app/oracle/product/10.2.0_2)
DB-Inst.  DAR920         : down    (/u00/app/oracle/product/9.2.0)
DB-Inst.  DAR102         : open    (/u00/app/oracle/product/10.2.0)
DB-Inst.  DB1            : down    (/u00/app/oracle/product/10.2.0)
DB-Inst.  DAR11BETA      : down    (/u00/app/oracle/product/11.1.0_beta2)
DB-Inst.  DAR111         : down    (/u00/app/oracle/product/11.1.0)
DB-Inst.  DAR112         : up      (/u00/app/oracle/product/11.2.0)

Lsnr                     : down    
oracle@ltdar2:/u00/app/oracle/product/11.1.0/dbs/ [DAR112] 

It can be used on Unix, Linux and Windows.

You can download a copy, free of charge, at http://www.opitz-consulting.com/?id=810

But why do I bore you with this advertising post? First of all I’m a big fan of it and I was personally involved in the last development steps.


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