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You can massively improve your working speed by using Vim instead of other editors. Full stop.

I think most people will agree, that using Vim is the fastest way to edit files, after they have learned to use it (I’ve decided to write Vim instead of Vi here, because of the visual mode). But what’s about the rest of my working process?

Usually you have to execute and test the scripts you’re writing. Most IDEs are capable of doing this, what about Vim? Although Vim is not really an IDE by itself, it’s quite easy to add functionalities. This is usually done by adding plugins to your Vim. One of the plugins which massively improved my working speed is sqlplus.vim from Jamis Buck.

You can use it to directly execute parts of the script your writing at the moment, or just execute a query on the database without even adding it to your script. You can find the full description on www.vim.org.

While I was writing my last post, I was rethinking my whole working process and decided that some stuff was still missing in sqlplus.vim. And that’s the point where another cool feature of Vim kicks in. All plugins are written in a script language and you can simply edit them yourself, just remember to contact the original author afterwards, for that everybody can profit from your improvements.

After a short discussion with Jamis, I uploaded the newest version of the plugin to sqlplus.vim. Unfortunately I had to fork the script, because www.vim.org doesn’t allow you to change the maintainer of a already published plugin. If you have any questions, ideas or problems with sqlplus.vim feel free to contact me.


Written by danirey

October 24, 2009 at 16:01

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